L1: Lab Safety and Equipment

Lesson 1: Lab Safety and Tools (Sophomore Level Chemistry Class)


            The students are preparing to begin chemistry lab work for the first time.  In a previous lesson, the received instruction on the various rules and regulations that will be in place in their lab.  Their homework from that lesson was to read a rules packet and answer a few questions about some specific rules.  To begin the lesson today, the students will apply their rules knowledge by viewing some pictorial situations on the overhead and identifying what rules are being broken.  The pictures include:

·      A student eating in the laboratory

·      A student performing a lab without wearing goggles or a safety apron

·      A student directly inhaling fumes

·      A student misusing a Bunsen burner and heating a closed system

The students will be asked to raise their hand and identify the rules being violated.  The important part of the lesson is for students to identify the most applicable rules.  On their rule sheet, it lists important information like “A student should never work unsupervised.”  Each of the above situations show only one student but the class should not think that citing the above rule is a sufficient answer.  They must cite the rule that puts the student in the most imminent danger.

            Once this portion of the lesson is done, the students will be handed a sheet that has pictures of various laboratory equipment followed by three blanks.  The first blank is titled “Your Name,” the second “Proper Name,” and the last “Function.”  The students will be given 15 minutes to go through the various equipment and attempt to name and give the function of each.  They are not expected to know all the answers, and most likely will never have heard many of the proper names but they are expected to at the very least fill out what they think the name of the device is or should be.  Once the 15 minutes is up, the students will direct their attention to the front of the room where I will have a cart that has all the equipment listed on their sheet.  This equipment includes:


Watch Glass

Test Tube




Erlenmeyer Flask

Graduated Cylinder

Florence Flask

Test Tube Rack

Crucible Tongs

Stirring Rod



Mortar and Pestile

Round Bottom Flask

Bunsen Burner

Test tube clamp

I will hold up each piece of equipment and pass it around, asking what the students think it is called and what its function is.  After hearing their names, I will give the proper name and give or correct if needed any functions that they do not know.  By the end of the lesson today, students should be well aware of the names and functions of the equipment they will be using this year as well as the safe and proper way to use them.

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