L2: Skeletal Race

Lesson 2: Skeletal Race (Junior and Senior Level Human Anatomy and Physiology)


            Students in this class have been learning and reviewing different bones and bone types in the human skeleton.  This lesson will be a two part activity which will allow them first to separate a list of bones into four different types: long, short, flat, and irregular and then secondly to label the bones on blank skeleton posters.  The completely labeled skeleton with bone types identified can be seen in this power point.  The students will be split into four groups.  Each group will be given a bag containing all the bones listed on the power point.  They will be asked to split these bones into the four categories.  The first group to do so wins, the second gets second and so on and so forth.  Once this activity is complete and the students have asked any questions they may have, we will proceed into the second race.  Each group will be given a skeleton poster with no labels.  They will have to tape the bones given to them in the first activity onto the appropriate place on the poster.  Essentially they will be creating the pictures shown on the power point.  Once again, the first group to do so wins and so on.  This lesson ensures the students know the types of bones but also that they can apply this knowledge to placement within the human skeleton.

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