National Science Education Standards

The National Science Education Standards are designed to create uniformity across the nation’s science classrooms.  The goal of the standards, according to the NSES website, is to “guide our nation toward a scientifically literate society.”  By holding all students accountable to the same high standards, we attempt to create a nation of science learners who are all equally capable.  The national standards are similar to the Wisconsin DPI standards in that they list both criteria necessary for teachers and students.  By using standards that cross state lines, we are insured that a teacher’s licensure in one state is valid in others and that all students in each state learn the necessary material.

I addressed specific standards in both my benchmark lesson and my critical task.  During my clinical experience, I taught the sections I was told to teach by my cooperating teachers so I simply assumed I was meeting the standards as they deemed fit.  The specific standards I addressed in the lessons I taught are listed below:


Levels 9-12

Physical Science Standards

·      Structure and Properties of matter (L3; L4)

·      Chemical Reactions (L4)

·      Interaction of energy and matter (L3; L4)

Science as Inquiry

·      Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (L1; L2; L3; L4; L5; L6)

·      Understandings about scientific inquiry (L1; L2; L3; L4; L5; L6)

Unifying Concepts and Processes

·      Systems, order, and organization (L2; L3;L6)

·      Evidence, models and explanation (L2; L5; L6)

·      Change, constancy, and measurement (L4; L6)

·      Form and function (L2; L5)

Life Science

·      Matter, energy, and organization in living systems (L3; L4; L5)

·      Biological evolution (L2; L5)

·      Behavior of organisms (L2; L5)

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