Wisconsin DPI Standards

In addition to ensuring that the content across the state is at an appropriate level, the Wisconsin DPI indicates the standards by which teachers need to adhere.  These standards are an attempt to hold teachers accountable for their actions in the classroom.  By creating standards by which teachers must comply, the DPI hopes to encourage teachers to perform at their highest levels when educating the students.  Standard 1 centers on the ability of a teacher to relate the subject matter they are teaching to the specific learning experiences of the students.  This standard is split into the indicators of knowledge, dispositions, and performances, each of which plays an equal role in determining whether the teacher has achieved the intentions of the standard.  By adhereing to this and other standards a teacher is much more likely to be an effective educator and his or her students are much more likely to gain a greater understanding of the material.  Standard 1 is listed below:

Standard 1: Teachers know the subject area they are teaching. The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of the subject matter more meaningful.



·      The teacher understands major concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry, and ways of knowing that are central to the discipline(s) s/he teaches. 

·      The teacher understands how students ‘conceptual frameworks and their misconceptions for an area of knowledge can influence their learning. 

·       The teacher relates his/her disciplinary knowledge to other subject areas.



·      The teacher realizes that subject matter knowledge is not a fixed body of facts but is complex and ever-evolving. S/he seeks to keep abreast of new ideas and understandings in the field. 

·      The teacher appreciates multiple perspectives and conveys to learners how knowledge is developed from the vantage point of the learner. 

·      The teacher has enthusiasm for the discipline(s) s/he teaches and sees connections to everyday life. 

·      The teacher is committed to continuous learning and engages in professional discourse about subject matter knowledge and children’s learning of the discipline. 



·      The teacher effectively uses multiple representations and explanations of disciplinary concepts that capture key ideas and links them to students’ prior understandings.

·      The teacher can represent and use differing viewpoints, theories, “ways of knowing,” and methods of inquiry in his/her teaching of subject matter concepts. 

·      The teacher can evaluate teaching resources and curriculum materials for their

comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usefulness in representing particular ideas and concepts.  

·      The teacher engages students in generating knowledge and testing hypotheses according to the methods of inquiry and standards of evidence used in the discipline. 

·      The teacher develops and uses curricula that encourage students to see, question, and interpret ideas from diverse perspectives. 

·      The teacher can create interdisciplinary learning experiences that encourage students to integrate knowledge, skills, and methods of inquiry from several subject areas.



The application of these standards can be seen in both my critical task and in the lessons I taught, seen in the clinical reflection.  The critical task specifically addresses Standard 1 and while the lessons do not address it directly, they were each taught with the standard in mind as I am constantly aiming to be the most effective teacher I can.

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